Change your DNA

in harmony with the perfect swing.

The Ring Swing Trainer - Providing golfers with the feel of their ideal swing.

Perfect Practice

Stance, grip, backswing, downswing, impact, follow through, delivery. One wrong move and this beautiful game becomes a guessing game. But It doesn't have to be. To many, golf is an art. To DNA, it's also a science. This revolutionary way of thinking is exactly what lead to the development of the Ring Swing Trainer.

Every aspect of a golfer's game is perfected during the very first practice with the Ring Swing Trainer. They can experience the mechanics, motion, and flow of an ideal swing, over and over again. From that point on, it's muscle memory and a part of their swing's DNA.

The Ring Swing Trainer caters to every level of golfer.

Beginning golfers can experience the feel of an ideal swing immediately as an integral part of their early golf instruction and professional lessoning instead of waiting years to hone a proper swing.

Intermediate golfers can maintain their ideal swing as well as enhance key aspects of their swing such as swing speed, address, tempo and follow-through.

Low handicap golfers can enhance aspects of their swing as well as ensure their swing is constantly in tune.


"As a former player and now coach, I truly understand the challenge that instruction plays in getting students to feel or sense the movements I have them strive for."

Grant Waite
PGA Tour Professional and Coach

"The golf industry is always looking for something new and innovative. The DNA Sports Trainer will be the first new product to teach muscle memory based on the 'feel' of an ideal swing."

Brian Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Company

"The DNA Sports Trainer takes a golfer's swing on a smooth ride from start-to finish not stop-and-go at different stages. This will help create a full and proper swing fitting for each individual."

Mike Steele
Head Golf Pro
Champion Hills

"You can't teach feel, a device like this where they're actually hitting a ball and feeling it, I think would speak volumes as far as what the student can learn from this because of the instant feedback."

Paul Henriksen
Head Golf Pro
Cliffs at Walnut Cove

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